A beginner's guide to growing cannabis indoors.

The process of growing cannabis can be confusing and overwhelming for a beginner. That's why this ebook was written! This ebook will teach you how to grow cannabis one step at a time using the easiest methods possible. To save you time, the science and history of cannabis is excluded and instead dives right into the growing process. 7 Steps to Grow Cannabis will dramatically improve your understanding of growing cannabis indoors by uncomplicating a complicated process!

  • Learn about the equipment you will need to grow cannabis and how to set it up

  • Learn about the different types of cannabis seeds, how to germinate seeds, and how to plant them

  • Walks you through all the stages of growing cannabis such as Vegetation, Flower, and Harvest

  • Provides in-depth descriptions and solutions to the Top 12 plant problems


“This ebook is a must-have for people new to growing marijuana. It makes the daunting task of getting equipment and learning the process completely doable. The 7-step format breaks it into easily managed steps and within the steps are important key topics. Even those on their second grow will find it very helpful, and for first-time growers, there’s no better way to start!”

Michael K., New Grower 2016

More Information

This ebook explains the entire process of growing cannabis indoors – from seed to smoke. Techniques revolve around using soil or coco coir as the growing medium since they are the most common and easiest. For lighting, both HID and LED lighting is included since both can produce massive yields. Here are some of the other topics that we cover:

  • Optimal temperatures, humidity levels, and light cycles during the different stages of growing

  • Plant training by low-stress training (LST) and topping for bigger yields

  • How to water, prune, determine sex, and force flowering

  • When to harvest and how to trim, dry, and cure for the best tasting buds possible


I'm brand new to growing. Is this ebook for me?

Yes! What better way to start growing cannabis than with a step-by-step guide using the right equipment and easiest methods. This ebook’s explanations, organization, and visuals will guide any beginner through the entire process.

I'm a veteran grower. Is this ebook for me?

Probably not. This ebook is focused on the basics of growing only. Advanced techniques are NOT covered in this ebook. This ebook is for beginners on their first or second grow.

Does this ebook come in hard cover or paperback?

Hard copies are currently sold on Amazon only. This book is available as a paperback and you can click here to buy it off Amazon.

Do I need special software to read this ebook?

This ebook comes in in a zip file that includes both PDF and EPUB formats. Almost all PCs, Macs, and smart phones can open a PDF document. If you want to open the EPUB version that is included, an E-reader app may be required depending on which device you open it on. 

How long is this ebook?

About The Author

Mr. Grow It is a cannabis advocate with over 11 years’ experience growing cannabis. He supports NORML and the Marijuana Policy Project non-profit organizations who are working towards the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use. He has been mentored by some of the best cannabis cultivators from around the world and teaches beginner and advanced cannabis growers alike. He is the author of  7 Steps To Grow Cannabis, a book written for beginners that guides new growers through the indoor growing process. He creates cannabis content daily and has over 300,000 people on social media following his journey.

Its length varies depending on your e-reader device and the font size you use. If you are using the PDF at its default text size, the ebook consists of 136 pages.