Your plant WILL NOT grow BIG in a BAD environment!


What do I mean when I say your plant will not grow big in a bad environment?


A picture will tell a thousand words…

Bad Environment

Good Environment


So what is a good environment? I bet you’re wondering that right?


The four keys to basic environment success when growing cannabis is:

  1. Temperature

  2. Humidity

  3. Light

  4. Air Circulation





Cannabis isn’t able to grow in just any temperature…


There is a sweet spot! A specific temperate range that if you are able to grow your plants in that range for their entire life-cycle, you will be rewarded with some amazing buds. Your temperature should not swing greater than 10 degrees - that’s one secret to success.


Don’t really understand what I mean by that? Let’s go over an example…


If your temperature suddenly drops 15 degrees, let’s say overnight, then the plant is shocked and feels threatened. If your plant is in the vegetation stage, it’ll stop growing tall and will instead focus its energy on building stronger branches. The branches and stems of your plant will turn purple!


If your plant is in flower, it’ll stop developing buds and will also, instead, focus its energy on building stronger branches. Again, resulting in purpling of the branches and stems. Not good.


This is just one example of an issue that can be prevented by keeping your temperature within a certain range!


Too high of temperature is an entirely different issue… Two deadly words can come from that – HEAT STRESS!


Next up...




Each stage of growing, you should have a different humidity level.


Too high humidity and you face this…

It is HEARTBREAKING to spend several months growing a plant only to get to the harvest stage and find out your buds have bud rot or mold. At that point, your weed isn’t good anymore and you’re forced to throw it away! A complete tragedy.


Humidity is important for that reason and more! Too low of humidity is bad also…


Humidity levels lower than 30% prevent the stomata on the leaves from opening fully (or at all) and reduce the transfer of C02 and other gases to the cells of the plant. Slow growth and symptoms similar to nutrient burn can result, but aren't always typical. If most other conditions are optimal, excessively low humidity may not pose as much of a problem. It certainly beats excessively high humidity any day.





Cannabis plants get energy from light! But it’s a certain type of light that makes cannabis grow REALLY BIG


When growing weed indoors, you want to do your best to replicate the cannabis plant's natural growing condition, in regards to lighting, in order to reap the largest and most potent harvest possible.


Selecting the right marijuana lighting can be a daunting task when setting up your grow room.


Questions you need to have the answers to in order to be successful growing:

  • What type of light should I get for this size grow area?

  • What wattage of light should I get?

  • Which bulb should be used for the vegetation stage?

  • Which bulb should be used for the flower stage?


Choose high wattage lamps that will sufficiently fill the size of your growing environment with the ultimate goal of providing the most possible light to the entire plant. Many indoor growers use reflective aids such foil to amplify light and direct it to desired spots.






Your plant needs fresh air to breathe just like us humans do!


The air in your grow area needs to be changed frequently. Carbon filters, inline fans and duct create a system for changing out the air in your grow space as needed. Additionally, an oscillating fan in your grow environment goes a long way in keeping your plants happy and is perhaps the most efficient device for circulating air in a room…


The gentle back and forth sway of the fan is very beneficial for the developing plants. These fans tend to keep anaerobic molds down by constantly freshening any potentially stagnant air. There are wall-mounted styles available as well as standard table fans.


  • What type of inline fan and carbon filter should I use in my grow area?

  • How much CFM (cubic feet per minute) should my fan be?

  • I’m changing enough air per minute but now I can’t get my humidity high enough. What should I do?



  • So what is the right temperature, humidity and light that I should be giving my plants?

  • How do I balance my temperature and humidity?

  • How do I know if I’m circulating in enough fresh air?


I break all of this down for you in my book -> 7 Steps To Grow Cannabis.


I want to help people new to growing so they don’t make the same costly mistakes that I did when I first started. My book is written for beginners so if you’re on your first or second grow, you probably want to give this a read...

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