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I am a fist time grower and I am growing outdoors. What can I use to keep catapillars away from plants. I seen a few of them eating leaves and I killed them. Can anyone help me out on what pesticides I can use to keep them away but also not effect the buds???

what i have done in the past with outdoor grows is to get some wide painters tape and take several pieces and wrap them around the stem in a couple of places up the first or second node


try and make a funnel that the sticky side is downward and smooth side is up - fast sticky traps set - i had the pill bug and small inch worm kind thing and i did this it helped out alot as i would change as needed every day


it might not be the best thing but in a pinch it sure helps out alot in some kind of pest control

as i try to stay away from that Pesticide stuff - never know what harm it might cause if any


i am sure someone will have the right combination one can use for a spray to rid the pesky pests

Have you researched any foiler sprays ? Depending on yr grow size a fogger maybe needed with any choice of organic and normal pesticide/Insecticide formulas ?

What stage into the grow are you also ? I would say week 5 ish into flower ? Depending on yr climate.

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