Apr 2

Beginner problem


I've germinated my seeds correctly, four out of five were beautiful, the gorilla glue didn't make it. REGARDLESS - this is my problem now.. my sprouts have seemed to shrivel up, as in dying.. one is doing fine, but the others,.. the two little leafs I had are now turning brown and also the stem. Idk what I was doing wrong, just need sum help here pls 🙏 These are my conditions, Led light about four feet above, ph at 5.5, heater that had the room at 43 c, humidity was at 53 %. I also laid a co2 bag in there, didnt think it would hurt.

I hav now turned off the heater because I feel like that couldve been the problem and revomed the humidifier. Inside I placed plastic bags over my plants to raise the moister individually; like a incubation of sort.


The bags are a irrational and spontaneous idea tell me if I'm incorrect by doing this 😬

I just lowered my light down to 12ichs away from my grow so maybe thats one problem fixed

The room was at 43 degrees Celsius? It sounds like you've fried your plants :(

I took the heater out. Is there a chance of recovery ? And what temp should I have it at this stage. 😓

@odaglasxela666 Not sure. You'd have to make the adjustments and see. With an LED grow light like that, I'd run no higher than 29°C (85°F). I've pushed plants to just over 30°C (87°F) but some strains don't like it and will show signs of heat stress or foxtailing. Night time temp I try to aim for no more than 10° F less - which I believe is 5° C less.

Thinking 23 c is what I should have it as but im just wondering my chances of recovery

Pretty high with good genetics. Just adjust the conditions and they should bounce back. Remember weed is a weed so it grows in many harsh conditions.

Apr 12

Im new to this also and it took me a week of playing with RH and temp till i got right where i needed. Now i am only adjusting as the outside temp is starting to stay around the high 40sF° - mid 50sF° so I went down a little on temp due to tent temp being in the mid to high 80sF°. Good luck!

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