Sep 12

Best light for 4ft x 4ft


Hey growers first time post here !

Been out of the growing game for about 4 years and looking at getting back into it ! Looking for the BEST light to grow with In a 4ft x 4ft tent ?

dont mind spending the money to get a good quality light. Help would be great thanks 👍🏻

That's a highly debatable question. Some people look for most efficient while others look at most PAR output. Earlier this year I made a list of the top 14 LED grow lights. See the list here: After that article was written, a different light came out that I also recommend. I use it myself. See here: Let us know what other questions you have

Great thanks for the links :)

So by the looks LED is the best choice these days ?? Last time I did If I was using MH for veg and HPS 600W for flower ! LED beats these yeah ?

@Mr. Grow It Well it looks like iv got my light sorted now 👍🏻 Does It come with the controller ? Or is that separate ?

Or and another thing whats the best tent going around ?

Sorry for all the questions Haha

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