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Best place for growing assistance


If your a beginner to advanced grower hands down this is the place to be. I'm on 4 other pages that don't compare to this. Just the response time is best I've seen, which for an over panic person like myself it's wonderful. I don't know a lot of growers to share this page but I tell those I do know. And being as new as I am growing bigger fuller plants then my long grow buddies they definitely need Mr. Grow It. Most everything I've done I've coppied from Mr. Grow It YouTube videos 👍, much appreciated. Lot more learning to do with deficiency and toxicity. I know my lights well and the plants reaction to them. If not anything whatever the final result is I've learned valuable stuff to apply to next grow. Thank You Mr. Grow It


from yesteryear to present day things have changed and so have the styles of grows - being a seasoned grower from the yesteryear when the big thing was ( Colombian - Gold ) some years later it was the ( SKUNK ) that was the next big hit - then for today look at all there is being offered !!


even as a Seasoned Grower i still have lots to learn - but even with all this great information one still will develop their own way or style - i still like to create things as i need or will need later on i might not have all the fancy toys and gadgets but i make do with what i have and get some great results


if it was not for people like us standing up in a community to share our thoughts and experiences we would not have the great knowledge we have now nor the help that goes with it - one goes to look for the best soil - Boom there is several giving what they use and how it did for them - go looking for Hydro again - Boom you have many hard choices on which setup and again with great user information - no matter what you look for there will be a great response and make ones head spin


so many of us offering the valued information even the straight out beginner with feel like a pro!!!

and with this we all continue to grow into a huge Family !! - still its all about learning and gaining new insight that one really never thought possible


but at times we do make mistakes but we do learn - sure i would like to have huge Yields but will it have Quality ? or will the Quality have small Yields ? its really hard to say just what will happen as each grow and plant is unique - but a big part is in plant training to get your desired Yield and Quality


i know many on a first time growers would be head over heels if they got 3 to 5 ounces from just one plant - but again look at that learning knowledge that was just gained and the future information that will come of it down the road


i was just like you with watching many and i do mean many video's of How To Grow Cannabis

i was shocked to see just how many and wow it changed me on You Tube for looking up stuff but one really caught my eye MrGrowit


one of the top if not the top Medical Growers with great information that i came across - including this site as well - i still feel like a little Kid in a Candy Store never knowing what direction i will go next with all the great people - Family and articles


Peace Out Stay Buzzed and Growers Luv








Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad my content has helped you become a better grower. When I first launched this forum I wasn't sure how many people would post on it. It turned out to be a huge success with several people coming to it every day. People on here are not only looking for information but sharing their experience as well. I couldn't have asked for a better community. Cheers everyone!

I have found that sharing the knowledge that I have learned and picked up over the years is just as enjoyable as growing is to me. The cannabis growing community has for the most part welcomed new people with open arms, and most growers want good growing advice to be open source.

just like life - we all learn every day - pass on what we have learned to others as they have done for us and will do for others - passing on the legacy we all like so much

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  • hi is it normal for my runoff ppm to be around 1200 and my ppm going in is about 650...also my ph going in is around 6.0 and the runoff ph is around 4.6....I’m trying to avoid a lockout so I’m feeding half strength.... i flush after every 3rd feeding..
  • can one really tell if a plant is a Male or Female just by the number of fingers of each leaf ? i have noticed that in some plants that are Male they seem to have 9 to11 fingers to each main leaf and that the current Female plant i have going only reached 7 fingers maybe one leaf had 9 -- but seen mostly between 5 and 7 on my current budget grow at about 40 days and yes in flower as well - and lost track of the total days in flower so i hope that by Christmas or New Years i should have a good idea of what is what so MR Grow it what is you thought on this ? and anyone else have any thoughts if its possible to tell just by finger count on leaves ?


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