Apr 7

Curing HELP Please... I travel Monday-Friday, what is the best way to cure if I’m unable to burp daily? Or if I can only burp once a day?


When did you harvest? Will you have hygrometers in the jar?

Apr 7

I have not harvested yet, I have about a week or two left.

But just not sure the best options for me to do While I’m gone.


Your thoughts?

What would you do if you where unable to burp daily?

@ABBuds I personally would push the plant(s) and harvest when I got back from vacation. If the plants are already very ripe and needed to be harvested prior to vacation, I would harvest, let dry whole for 7-14 days at 55-60% RH. Once dry, trim. Then at that point the buds should be dry enough to where you can get away with burping the jars once a day with little risk. I usually burp 2-3 times a day for the first two weeks of curing. Not sure if that helps you at all; you're certainty in a tough situation there.

Apr 7

@Mr. Grow It I’m not going on vacation...

I travel every week for work.

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