Jun 6



Im experiencing some magnizium deficiency right as I went to flower. Couple questions:

Should I go back to veg to correct it and if so how long should I wait to go back to flower?

After i flush her and get the ph correct, adding cal-mag and all that, will the leafs come back or do I cut them off? How long till i notice if she is recovering ok? Or am I not even asking the right questions, 😆?

Indoor grow in soil.

I wouldn't re-veg; I would just correct the problem. You're planning to flush the plant because it has a deficiency? Why not just increase feeding? Do you have any pics so we can see what you're talking about? Also, what have you been feeding the plant up until this point?

Jun 7

I may have missunderstood the stuff I read online regarding a magnesium deficiency so no flush. So by increasing feeding you mean how offten not how much per correct?

Jun 7

I did just introduce cal-mag in the last feeding which was 2 days ago. When I took the pic last night I thought it looked like it was improving. I had a lot of the leafs that were fading to a light green at the tips and darker in the middle, i dont see that as much now. What about the brown tips, will they recover? Ill watch it and look for changes, I hope the cal-mag was the only issue and its on its way back. I also may just be a nervous parent, first kid and all😜. I'll post more pics over the weekend and hope their is more recovery by then as well.

Jun 7

Check your soil ph. Going into flower is a critical time since the plants needs are changing.

Jun 8

Yes soil ph... I just got the meter and using it now. Im new to this so I waited till i needed the different tools and nutrients instead of buying everything at once. This is my first major issue but seems to coming back, ill post picks in a few days. Thanks for the help!!

Nice manifold you did on the one.

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