Oct 24

First timer


so i have done outdoor 4 runs now and I’m ready to take a step indoor I am trying to set up 12x16 7 foot tall space and have no idea where to start with equipment hps or led or really anything I’m not sure about

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We can help you out. First, of the 12'x16' space, will you have plants under that entire space or is that the size of the room and the grow space is smaller? One of the first things that you should plan and set up is a ventilation system. Ventilation is extremely important when growing indoors. The lights you use will generate heat and a ventilation system will exhaust that heat from the grow space. While exhausting air out, fresh air that is cooler will be pulled in. You should have an intake vent for air to come into the space and an exhaust vent for air to leave the space. Here is a video i made a verrrry long time ago (so excuse the quality) which explains intake and exhaust. I break it down for beginners. It also talks about some of the equipment you may need such as AC, heater, humidifier, and dehumidifer. https://www.theweedtube.com/video/optional-grow-equipment-to-balance-environment---do-you-need-it-or-not--29614 After that we can talk lighting, fans, etc.

Oct 24

12x16 is the size of the room

@Jonaboy Ok, what is the size of the space that the plants will be under? Indoor grow light manufacturers make their lights for specific coverage areas so knowing what space you will need to cover will be necessary.

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Oct 24

Yeah watched that and yes will need A/C and heater for my region SoCal inland empire

Damn @Mr. Grow It , not many growers would go that in depth helping someone. Why I follow you, nothing but respect brother.

Oct 25

Perfect I will go with all that

Oct 26

Oh yeah forgot to mention that ac and heat are probably a must cause I live in the high desert

In a 12'x16'x7' space you should be good with this Honeywell AC assuming you go air-cooled HID and the heat is pulled from outside, through the tubes, then out the room.


This oscillating tower heater should be fine for that space. It'll probably only kick on during lights off since the HPS grow lights should heat the room up during lights on.


Oscillating wall-mounted fan for air circulation (you may want 2+ of these)


Wireless thermometer and hygrometer that connects to your smartphone (WIFI gateway optional)

@Jonaboy Look into that stand alone ac unit. Most of them don't cool and dehumidify at the same time. As plants get larger the humidity gets higher and will need both at same time.

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Oct 29

ordering everything the 5th

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