Jun 25

Flushing before harvest


I'm at about day 55 so far with my autoflowers. I still have some time before harvest, but I don't feel confident about some of that timeline.


The seed company says this plant is harvested at 75 days. I know from watching several of Mr Grow Its videos that he typically goes longer than the seed companies timeline based on trichome development.


My confusion is here:

If I watch the trichomes develop under a microscope and they get to where I want them, is that when I perform the flushing? or is it too late at that point since I should be harvesting them at that point.


I'm trying to figure out if flushing will stop the trichome progression or do I just need experience to help me gauge when my trichomes will be where I want them two weeks in advance.


I also wonder how much it matters for me, as I typically will make edibles. Although, I will most likely give some to friends that do smoke so there's that conundrum.


They are swelling up nicely! Good question. Flushing does not stop trichome development. I flush when most of the trichomes are cloudy. Then two weeks later when I harvest, many of the trichomes that were still clear at time of flush have turned to cloudy. Make sure you're looking at the trichomes on the buds and not the leaves. The trichomes on the leaves turn much faster than the ones on the buds. Overall, this process isn't perfect. Some growers don't even look at the trichomes. Then instead look to ensure 95% of the pistils have changed to brown and receded. Whichever way you want to do it is fine.

Jun 29

If you want a couch lock relaxed type of high, wait until about 25% of the trichomes are amber.

I am looking for the most calming, sleep inducing, anti anxiety experience possible which is why I chose this strain

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