Oct 14

getting kind of nervous




i purchased your book on audible and have heard it through a couple of times now.

it doesnt come with a pdf though and im listening with no way to take notes so im not too sure how good its come along so far--- i started 2 plants on aug 4, flowered staring sept 4 and they still in flower mode - i thought flowering wouldve been done by now but it doesnt look like its ready to go the the next step yet. so not too sure what to do now- also not sure if my feeding has been good. i can posts some pics later maybe but just wanted to see if i can get some feedback to help me get this nervousness gone. fan leaves have more than usual too i think. anyways thanks

look forward to hearing back from you.


female seeds not sure of the strain though

i think one is sativa and one is indica - ones kind of tall and skinny and ones kind of short and stalky



5 gallon containers

48-48-80 grow tent and the plants are hitting the walls

king plus 1000w

fox farm nutes with a little great white cal mag and terpinator

all mixed in gallon milk jugs and i water about every other day temp is around 70-80 and humidity is 35 to 45

I dont use calander for flower cycle. Let the tricombs say when she is ready. You could be a few more weeks. Gl

I've never done a 30 day veg, would love to see what your plants look like in flower. I've thought about trying it, just haven't yet.

Most cannabis plants need at least 8 weeks in flowering. Some strains go 11 or even 12 weeks in flowering. No need to be nervous as they probably just have a few more weeks to go. Would love to see some pics.

i for sure thought id be harvesting these ladies by now -

but now that makes a little more sense - its mostly hairs still but they are filling in a little and the tips of the hair are turning caramel color. the pics are bad quality- im thinking i can do better on lights and feed schedule next time- right now i was going by the label instructions for the feeding but i started to add a little more the plants havent seemed to react to it really but im no too sure on that either. anyways thanks for the feedback.

oh and these pictures do not look good at all. sorry




For your first time around, I think those plants came out pretty good! It looks like they still have a little ways to go though. Have you flushed the plants already?

thanks! i havent flushed them yet, i am still feeding them cal mag- terpinator - great white big buds and bloom- not really sure how im doing with that though. should i just feed them water from now on?

@Eduardo Martinez Do you have a way to look at the trichomes to see what color they are? That's the best was to determine when to harvest/flush.

@Mr. Grow It yes- right now they are mostly white but are changing colors a little bit do i wait till all the white is gone and how can i tell if im feeding right - too much or not enough is what i m not sure on.


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thanks for the feedback! i really appreciate it! im going to start flushing today but i was thinking of giving them just one gallon of water a day for the rest of the week. you think that would be okay or should i just do it all at once?

All at once. Cannabis likes a wet-dry cycle and if you continually drown the medium each day then it would struggle from overwatering.

i flushed them about a week ago and i thought id see some changes in the plant like yellowing of the leaves but they look the same and it doesnt look like the buds are growing at all they are just hairy and looking kind of skinny so now i dont know what to do.

Nov 2Edited: Nov 2

If it's been a week since flushing the leaves should be turning more yellow from the plant feeding from them. If the tricombs arent turning red/brown and rest of plant looks healthy I wouldn't worry.

The last few weeks the buds are ripening and "fattening within" so you probably won't see much of a change my looking at them except pistils turning amber and leaves fading. What is the PPM of the runoff? Got any updated pics?

i guess im just getting a little too anxious- i really thought theyd be done by now- its not my first attempt but its the most success ive had thats for sure - i havent given them anywater until today and only because it looked like they really needed it- some of the stems were all the way to the ground almost like they were broken when i got home to check on them today. i hope i dont crash and burn- the microscope i bought from amazon was trash so i couldnt really get a good look at the tricombs and i got a ph up down kit so i dont know if thats the same as ppm but the runoff on that was between 5.5 and 6.5

and the pics look terrible but here are some updated ones


Nov 5

Are you just running the bloom switch on your light?

i usually put both switches on but sometimes i just leave it on bloom

PPM is different than pH. You would use a TDS tester in order to get a measurement. Can you take pictures in white lighting? The red lighting we can't see what the color of the plant is.

guess i have one of those after all. it gave me 4341ppm reading its been sitting there for a while now so i dont know if that changed what it was from when i first flushed it.

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