Sep 27

Is there anyone else that has one of theses 1,2,3 leaf plant





I had a afgan purpul kush grow odd different leaves, as it got bigger it grew long on one side and short stocky on the other. Finished with little buds the size of the tip of my pinky finger. Never ordering that again.

It looks aweful small to have buds on it. Did you flip 18-6 real early? Mr. Grow It, I've not seen a plant this size with buds forming, is there a small breed of auto?

This was an American Pie, was supposed to be an auto but was actually a photoperiod. Had mostly single leaves. Bud producing was small but very potent.

Ahh, so 18-6 from beginning on a photo? It's understandable now. Good for edibles, we love cannabutter. I've gotten mislabeled freebie seeds on an order from attitude, was glad it was the free seed.

you talking something like this huh

these two i had the same thing as you have now

the two here are clones and i put them into a stunted growth and then tried to stretch em - only got 4 to 5 inches over a two and a half months


all the lower sections have been harvested and in the next day or so the tops will also be harvested

the clones were taken from main plant at about 3 weeks old and that was back in July about the 20th or 25th

Sometimes too much nitrogen in flowering contributes to growth like that.

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