Aug 4

Issue or not


Edited: Aug 5

So this is my first grow. Been struggling with run off pH at 5.5-5.8. Yesterday notice some weird spots. Decided to do a small flush and got runoff pH up to 6.3. So are these spots an issue?




Are those leaves on the top part of the plant? or mid, lower? Assuming you're in soil, it could've been the low pH that you mention. Random marks like that usually aren't a big deal. Just inspect the plant daily to make sure it's not getting worse.

Aug 7Edited: Aug 7

The are more the middle-top of the plant. I wound up snipping them off- Plants all doing well, growing taller quickly. Thanks for the response!

yes i have had that happen to some and i let go till i could not stand to look at em any longer then SNIP they went ( took a bit of time to recover ) Bonkers in growth and almost doubled in size in a short time


but again it was about time to remove most of the sun leaves so the lower and inner could get a bit more light for the remainder of the grow -- i think i got about 91 G from when done but it was a scrawny thing from the get go

it had lots of problems but it was worth it in the end result

and once again it did the same thing but as you see it did have a nice spurt of growth -- and this was doing things without any Nutrients and just guessing of what to feed


so the last 63 days i would just give it water and molasses with 1 teaspoon of epsom salt - every other i would also add to the mix finely ground egg shell and coffee grounds ( like flour dust ) it did help but not like i was wanting


after this time of snipping the bad it went into flower and just went fair - but very pale green like neon paint -- or the gecko lizard lol lol


i try not to give up so easy and just do my best at any cost --- even lost that nice little bud along the way in the pic above

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