Jul 9

My first hiccup on my first outdoor grow..

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Hello everyone. This is my first outdoor grow and my first autoflower grow. I have previously grew two plants indoor so i have a pretty good idea of what to expect during flower for a photo period plant. At first glance I think my plant looks really healthy and has responded well to LST. I only used LST and no form of HST.


Two days ago I noticed my plant was a little under watered and upon doing so i observed some little tiny wholes and a couple of leaves. Upon my observation I believed it do be some sort of insect chewing at the leaves but not to excessively at this point. I have taken a picture of the insect that might be the cause of the problem.


Ultimately I believe the plant is still really healthy, but the bud set seems to be taken a little longer than expected. I noticed the flower started to set in about a week ago and preflowers were present a little over a week. Please let me know what yall thing and if you have any advice.


The plants are being fed with Gai Green 4-4-4 during veg and amended with their 2-8-4 bloom a couple days ago. I also gave the plants a basic worm casting compost tea a couple days before I amended the bloom nutrients.


The strain name is called Blueberry Bliss Auto. Purchased from GYO seedbank.










The plant looks fantastic. I love the way you've trained it! I don't have a lot of knowledge on outdoor pests but I know we do have a few outdoor growers in the community that may be able to help.

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