May 12

My setup



- 2 Vivosun 3x3 grow tents

- 2 Vivosun 203 CFM Ventilation Fan with filters

- 2 Imellet Wifi Powerstrips (for digital automation and timers)

- 600w Viparspectra Full Spectrum LED for veg

- 900w Viparspectra Full Spectrum LED for flower

- 4 Stationary Fans (2 per tent)

- Medium: 1 part Fox Farms Oceanforest and 1 part Black Soil (with vermiculite and coco added as needed)

- Nutrients: Down to Earth brand all natural fertilizers.

- Strain: Maui Waui (locally sourced seeds)


1 mother in a 2 gallon pot and 16 clones are occupying my veg space...with some Hawaiin chili peppers enjoying the light!


In flower, I have 1 Maui Waui plant in a 5 gallon pot on day 20. SCROG is a 3x3 and was placed on when the plant went into the flower tent.


Excited for the next few weeks! 😁


Mahalo 🤙🏽

May 15

Thanks! I know it's a sorta budget grow (for personal medical use) and I want to get better at growing before moving onto heavy yielding lights. Any thoughts on optimal lighting for a 3x3 flower?

@Marvin I have plans to create an article and video for my picks of best LED grow lights for a 3x3 grow space but I realistically won't be able to complete it for a month or so. I have too many other things going on at the moment. Of the rough draft list I created, this is the one I'd buy: Although, you may want to wait because I believe HLG is updating all of their lights to "R-Spec" which includes a better spectrum. Either that, or go CMH:

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