Aug 28

Named it SMUG


Hello, Im taking care of my very first plant, since the 5th of August and I have no idea what to do next!

Im growing it naturally/ outdoor, and it growing fast And healthy, yet for the past few days, I haven’t seen any much of process, and getting me worried, I will be moving it today to a bigger space.

I honestly have no idea! What to do next... Please assist, I don’t want it to be a fail.

Out of no where a new one pop up! And I have no idea how to react yet.

Thank you! Mr. grow it for the assist over instagram.





I always point beginners to start here: You're going to have to spend time researching how to grow. You can browse websites and/or watch videos on YouTube. If you want to reduce the amount of time you need to spend researching, thousands of new growers have bought my ebook: Reading that book will definitely get you up to speed much faster than spending hours upon hours reading online articles. Looking at your pics, the plant appears to show signs of over-watering. Let the medium dry out before watering again and that will help the plant grow faster.


top one looks like it will recover and be really nice for you - the lower one will just have to see how things go - i will agree with the over watering as that is how the soil looks in the pictures


if the pot has holes in the bottom i will feed that way until strong enough for a regular top watering - i have killed many that way by total root pinch - as the soil needs to be loose for better growth on roots - that is why i would feed from the bottom so it will naturally suck up the water



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