May 4



I saw some white spots on a leaf..?? what can it be?

Got a pic? Sounds like powdery mildew but would need to see it in order to say for sure.

That plant is being grown outdoors? Have you inspected the bottoms of the leaves for pests? The small white spotting you mentioned (and what I kinda see in the picture) looks similar to spider mite damage.

May 6

No its being grown indoors. what can I do?

@Kellz First, inspect the bottom of the leaves for pests. You will probably need either a small hand-held microscope or take a closeup pic with your smartphone and then zoom in. Here's a good pic for what to look for: Did you just bring your plant outside for the picture then or do you keep the plant outside during the day then bring inside?

May 9

@Mr. Grow It I’ll get the microscope and check it out! I just brought it outside for the picture .

May 9

It’s hard to tell. Not sure what it Is didn’t look like. Spider mites. Is the plant still good?

May 12

My PPM is below the range I added nutrients but what else can I do? It still low and going on week 3 for vegetation. Also I broke one of the branches while transplanted and cleaned the scissors and cut it off. 🤦🏻‍♀️

How does the plant look? If it looks healthy, I wouldn't sweat the low PPM - just adjust next feeding.

May 14

@Mr. Grow It plant looks good! growing great! It’s so much work! i can’t wait to harvest! I’m on week 3 on vegetation

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  • hi is it normal for my runoff ppm to be around 1200 and my ppm going in is about 650...also my ph going in is around 6.0 and the runoff ph is around 4.6....I’m trying to avoid a lockout so I’m feeding half strength.... i flush after every 3rd feeding..
  • can one really tell if a plant is a Male or Female just by the number of fingers of each leaf ? i have noticed that in some plants that are Male they seem to have 9 to11 fingers to each main leaf and that the current Female plant i have going only reached 7 fingers maybe one leaf had 9 -- but seen mostly between 5 and 7 on my current budget grow at about 40 days and yes in flower as well - and lost track of the total days in flower so i hope that by Christmas or New Years i should have a good idea of what is what so MR Grow it what is you thought on this ? and anyone else have any thoughts if its possible to tell just by finger count on leaves ?


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