Jun 19

Not sure whats going on here


Edited: Jun 19

I have 8 clones that are 3 weeks old.. the leafs look like they are burning...

I have a vipar 600w up as far as it can go in the tent 60 inchs

Temps are 75 humidity is 60+

Light cycle is 18/6

I am watering and misting with rain water ph 6.5

Just put them in Happy Frog yesterday (6-18-20)

This has been happening for about a week

They are in a tray with a heat mat underneath (seedling mat)

I did a weak feed of blue planet farmers pride plus cal mag 4 days ago @ 300 ppm.



These are no longer in clear cups.

Looks like over-watering symptoms.

Thank you ...you think over watering would cause what i think is burning of the leafs? i mean you would know more than i would..I guess growing orchids and having a veggie garden for yrs i thought i knew what i was doing. this is a whole different ball game!!

so no more watering...what about misting?

I don't see what you are referring to as burning of the leaves. How are the drainage holes in the bottom of the cup? I've had plants look similar to those. They will take awhile to bounce back but they will. Just let the medium dry out and only water when the cups feel light and the top inch or so is dry. If you really want to spray the top of the medium you can - just don't soak it. I persoanlly wouldn't spray since there is risk it could slow the recovery.

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