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I was lollipoping my plant and saw this at the bottom ,it’s the only one I see so far but I’m not sure if it’s a pollen sac...


Is pollen falling out? I'd bag it and take it out before the ladies get pollenated.

Nothings falling out yet I’m 19 days in flower but I’m not 100 percent its a pollen sac...it’s at the bottom of the plant and I don’t see sac’s anywhere else on the plan..I’m not sure if others will come once the plant gets olde..but it’s definitely a female plant but it could be a hermi...as the plant gets older will other pollen sac’s appear...i going to put a plastic bag over this bud to catch the pollen if is a pollen sac

I've seen some herms that dont show multiple bananas and then they just show up sticking out of the buds towards the end. I wouldn't get to nervous until @Mr. Grow It takes a look. If you can get a clearer close up he will be able to tell I'm sure.

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