Jun 22

Purple Stem?


Pictured are two of my plants, 3 weeks old from random seeds! Both got nutrients yesterday - the second plant pictured seems to be doing great while the one in the first photo still has pretty purple stems and the top leaves seem to look curled almost Taco like. I’m thinking this one might need more nutrients than the other? Any thoughts Anyone?!





77-78 lights on and about 70-72 lights off. I was doing some more research and I think maybe it’s too warm with not enough humidity for this particular one.. the what I think are Sativas are doing well though and that would make sense liking a warmer environment

Both plants actually look fantastic. I don't really see any tacoing like you mention and the purple stems could just be genetics since your temps have been fine. Is this your first grow? What type of nutrients have you fed them so far? What has your humidity been?

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