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can I put the plant out of house 12 o'clocks under the sun light and 6 o'clocks in the house lights ? or does it change the growth phase to flowering phase?

If it's only getting 6 hours of darkness then it will stay in the vegetation stage. Once you start to give it 12 hours of complete darkness, flowering is initiated.

On a side note, if you bring your plant outside then back indoors, there is a high likelihood that you will bring in pests. If you bring your plant outside, its probably safest to keep it outside.

My Plants are burning the leaves from the bottom up with ea. new growth. Need help quick PLEASE.

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  • Im 3 weeks before harvest and I usually flush the last 2 weeks before harvest..I just checked my ppm run off and it’s in the high 1300’s the question I have is the nutrient that’s in the soil good or should I keep feeding my plants for one more week or just start flushing for 3 weeks will the plant take in the nutrient that’s already in the soil If I just give them water? The plant in the picture is day 45 it still have a lot of white hairs
  • Doing research I thought I learned that yellowing leaves means nutrient deficiencies. A couple weeks ago I had several yellow leaves & come can find out my partner was still using the veg formula into flowering. We made the adjustment & we still have yellow leaves. What do we need to do? We feed, feed, water, feed, feed, water. Could this have something to do with the problem?
  • Hi can anyone tell me what it means to have see pockets on the bud but no seed? it’s almost like she wanted to start seeding just empty pockets


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