Jul 9

Temps n humidity


I have a 2x2x4 grow tent just two plants this my second grow and first time I messed up royally but your channel has really helped any way I was wondering if you could tell me ideal temp n humidity ranges on my first grow my humidity stayed at 70 to 80% I didn't know any better and my temps stayed around 75-80. Right now for some reason when light is on humidity drops but when off it spikes pls help

Humidty it's relative and adversely affect by temperature. When temp is high the air can hold much more water vapour and thus Rh is low. The reverse happens when temp is low. Eg when you're lights are off

What type of lighting are you using? HPS/CMH temp 70-80F, LED 75-85F. If it dips a little lower than that, it's ok. If it constantly goes higher than that then you could see heat-related issues. General humidity range for beginners: Seedling- 60%+ Veg- 40-60% Flower- 40-55% Last few weeks- As low as possible

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