May 24

Time for LST?


Since I am growing an autoflower, I think my grow time is shorter and want to maximize the yield. My girls are on day 19 and appear to be at about the 5th node. Also, there are alot of large leafs on the bottom that almost touch the soil. Should I prune those bottom leaves? Am I as close to starting LST as I think? Again this is my first grow and its an auto flower feminized seed. Also, I just watered them.....are the drooping leaves because I waited a little too long to water?

Here the entire team......




Yup, you can start LST now. Some may say you should've started earlier and some may say to wait a bit. It comes down to personal preference when talking about LST techniques. Topping is a different story. The leaves will droop after watering. It could take several hours for the to prop back up. The day after being watered is when they typically are up praying towards the light all happy. Also some genetics will droop down shortly before lights off.

Should I prune off some of the larger fan leaves that are blocking light and air flow. Amber the smallest plant didn't really have much to tie down because she's short and dense. I think I did a decent job of LST but by all means tell me if you see things I can improve. I also adjusted my light height down now that they aren't as tall to be 24" above the canopy and set on full intensity. As always thanks to everyone on the forum for their input and support.




I do realize my dates are way wrong on the name tags. They should read 5.24.19 not 10.24.19 as they were watered yesterday.

Looks good! I personally wouldn't take off any leaves at this point. With autos, I typically do a lollipopping and/or defoliation shortly after the plant starts showing preflowers - usually around day 30-40.

Do you happen to have any examples of what preflowers look like so I can keep an eye out for that? Currently at day 22

What app do I need to open that image? There is nothing on my iphone that could view it.


Is this considered a pre flower? 2 of the 4 plants have these starting to develop.

Yup, your plants are now starting to flower. You're on day 25 since sprout right?

May 30

Damn that was quick.looking good. If everyone new to growing cannabis would read Chris book the success rate would be out the roof. I am into about week 5 and I never thought I would be able to grow these beauties

May 30


Week 5 never would have been able to do this without Chris book. I'm

I'm glad it has helped you! Your ladies look fantastic!

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