Oct 6

Using a trellis


Hey everyone. I've never used a trellis before but I've noticed a lot of growers using them. Can someone tell me the benefits and how to go about using one. Much appreciated.

this is a homemade Trellis AKA Scrog for my booth that i also made

one can train the plant by slowly bending the main stalks / stems to allow the inner or center areas catch up or for extra shoots - buds - this helps maximize the yield one can potentially get from one plant

so its like 1 plant one Oz but with training and Trellis AKA Scrog now its like 1 plant and 7 Oz


i try to do the training in stages so i do not crack or break the stems / main stalks -- this makes the top more like a Umbrella Tree // there are many videos on this so its worth looking into for other questions you might have

You can also use a two net system, both with different size squares and with a gap between the two.

yes i left it open for another to be put on top if needed - originally i had it strung for a 2 inch by 2 inch - now its set at 1X1 so the next can be set at 2X2


i also have a board that fits as well so i can have a upper and lower chamber for different time or ? many things can be done with this and its always easy for making improvements to desired needs on a grow


top half has 2 lights - 1 is red spectrum - 2 is blue spectrum

bottom half has a full spectrum light


so yes its very versatile to the style or type of grow wanted or desired


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