Jun 21

Using Mycorrhizae for transplanting


I have a few photoperiod feminized seeds in solo cups that are at their second to third node. When watching Mr. Grow Its video series on transplanting I saw him sprinkle Mycorrhizae in and around the hole created for the plant to be transplanted into. I purchased some Great White Premium Mycorrhizae and the instructions for soil say to dilute the powder in water.


Is it manditory to dilute it in water or can I just sprinkle in and around the transplant hole before placing the plant in her new home?

Sprinkling it on the roots and in the hole when transplanting is fine. That's actually the only way I use it. This allows the beneficial fungus to attach directly to the roots. Some people argue that watering in mycorrhizae is less effective.

I attempted my first solo Cup to 1 gallon pot transfer yesterday and it was a little bit of a disaster. Im hoping that you have some tips.


i got the hole prepped for the transfer and when I turned the solo cup upside dowN the plant came out beautifully, but seconds later the soil all fell apart before I could put it in the new hole. I tried my best to save the plant. Time will tell.


Was my soil too dry (FF)? or is this just part of the difficulty of transplant? I also transplanted into a 1 gallon fabric pot. Is that going to be a super pain to transfer to its final pot?

Hey finn, next time try watering the seedling before you transplant to help keep the soil together. I have had that happen to me before and as long as you dont expose the roots to air for to long it should be ok.

Transplanting out of fabric pots can be quite interesting since the soil and roots are bonded to the fabric and does not slide out well like plastic. Good luck, be careful and quick.

Was the root zone established enough? Maybe you transplanted a little too soon to where the root weren't developed enough to hold it all together? Or the dry medium could have been a factor too. Some people like transplanting when the medium is dry and the other people like to do it when it's wet. I've also had it fall apart on me when transplanting when the medium is dry. I feel like the roots shrivel up a bit when dry and doesn't hold the medium as good. Just my opinion. Luckily you used mycorrhizae and that will help tremendously to reduce the amount of shock.

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