Aug 3

What's going on with ya Finn the magical bull


Just wondering how your grow turned out and what your up to now bro?

Hey guys, I appreciate you reaching out. It's been a messed up couple weeks and am currently making some hard decisions about state residency. California is gorgeous but the politicians are complete gangsters. I pay an extreme premium to live where I live but with that has come nothing but headaches. Community activist groups blocking my ability to develop my land, massive fines and fees for bullshit reasons and we've had enough. Im going to Heavenly in search of a new home for my family before I end up in jail. Nevada screams America and California is as Communist as it gets. Part of the bias is probably my Florida residency prior to this year which I would have kept but Im opening a business in CA and needed to be here full time to manage the build. I wont bore you with more of my baggage so lets talk Cannabis.


I harvested my girls 10 days ago. I did not perform a wet trim. I cut them off at the base and hung them inside the grow tent with humidifiers set to 50 and temp as close to 70 as possible. Its taking longer than expected to dry enough to perform the trim and move to cure. I am bending the branches every couple days to gauge how much waters left in the plants and so far theyre not snapping cleanly, just bending. I wonder if I should do a half ass trim to take as much easy access leaves off the buds as possible or should I just wait it out. My timeline kinda stinks as Im heading to NV for 9 days and would really like to make it easy for my house sitter to only have to burp the jars and monitor moisture levels. Any suggestions on how I could make that happen before I leave on the 8th? I know you should never let people know when youre away but dont worry, I have Ranch hands that live on the property who are very protective of my land.


I look forward to relocating and setting my stuff up for another session. I may take a stab at a high CBD strain because I have alot of aches and pains from treating my body like an amusement park in my younger

Sorry to hear that man. I hope things get better for you. If you've already started the drying process and you try to trim when the buds/leaves aren't fully dry, I've personally found that time to be the most "annoying" trim lol. Trimmers gunk up and its slower to trim the leaves off due to moisture still in them. The leaves just don't cut off as easy. Just my personal experience. A wet trim fresh off the plant is a different experience as is a dry trim when the plant is fully dry.

Aug 4

I hate to hear about your troubles bro.ive only had 2 small harvests so I by know means am a pro.i have done a dry trim on first harvest and was very time consuming so on second I did a rough wet trim. Much easier and faster and didn't take as long to dry.again this is only my opinion.It certainly sounds like you got a lot going on and I hope things work out for you.keep the group updated with your progres

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