Mar 13

What strain is it? I have 6 beauties, 4 look different.


Edited: Mar 13


Looks idinca dominat, possibly green crack?


White hairs and white frost? A widow? White Rhino?

I just got back into cultivating after about 7 years. I have a 6.5X6.5 tent. 2-315w LEC's, 16" Oscillating fan, heater, and Dehumidifier and 7 gal cloth buckets with fox farm strawberry fields soil. Germinated 24 seeds, Of which 4 were duds. I gave 12 away and kept the 6 biggest and best. Thankfully 100% females. Woohoo. But they all look different. If anyonanyone has ideas on possible strains let me know..

Bearly 3 weeks into flower. What could it be!?





Just because it's a sexy top cola.






Adjustable Dehumidifier



Some of my equipment.


All the bright green areas on edge a's re trichomes!. Super cool looking.


Right side canopy


Left side canopy


It's pretty much impossible to tell the strain just by looking at the plant. Your plants look amazing though. nice job!

Mar 13

Thank you. Been 30° or lower where I live, and record beating snowfall. hence indoor grow for winters. But I'm excited to know I still got the green thumb. 👍. Working towards a 2-4 plant perpetual harvest and a shed this summer. It would be nice to get a clone lab where I can x-strain and create some new 🔥genes. I'll definitely support your seed suppliers and order from links on your site. I might do a youtube channel on it but I'm limited with time. But I'm for my cultivation community 100%. This is my first grow in over 7 years and things have changed, I am too learning every day! Took two months of studying everything on the web till I started up again. Haha. Cheers Mr. Grow it! Happy growing love your videoes. I will help in any way I can with achieving frosty fire dankness for all!

Mar 15


Found 3- 2nd gen beans woot woot!

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  • Brides Cake auto, Day 14. Room temp 81f day/75f night, humidity 37-45%(and struggling to even maintain that), pH has been 6.0-6.4/run off 5.8-6.2, fox farm line at 70%. Six plants total this is the only one with this issue. What I've done: Raised lights; all plants were preying by that evening, so I put back where it was. Moved plant further from fan, which barely blowing to begin with. Maybe wall deflection adding to that one. Coco/perilite wetness is minimal, after water/feed the medium by next day halfway down shows dry on saturation meter. Any thoughts? @Mr. Grow It these new Brides cake are a touchy, slow growing pain in a$$. I'm putting a pic to show this aggravating plant, and pic of a gorilla glue and blue dream the same age and look at the difference.
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