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@Mr. Grow It your channel that got shut down had a lot of really good videos I watched multiple times, and more if I thought I forgot something or did something wrong. How do we get our hands on those videos. I'd really like the season you started at germination showing every step, and you broke down your defoliation days also a good description of heat/humidity/vpd. It's my go to season and it's gone 😞

I've been uploading older videos to TheWeedTube. Do you remember which strains I was growing? Maybe I can point you to them.

Also, YouTube didn't shut me down completely; I'm just in YouTube "jail". My channel gets out of jail in December and all those videos will be public again.

@Mr. Grow It I just tried making an account on weed tube and because I have a Yahoo email it won't let me, all this weed hate, morons.

@mwhite9829 Oh yeah I think heard about Yahoo and some other websites with email that you can't sign up to the weedtube with. So dumb

Very Glad that you'll be up and running again in December on You Tube. Weed Tube is a mess and I can never find what I'm looking for.

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Used my Gmail and I'm in and subscribed. Sadly I can't find the vid I was looking for to get your defoliation schedules veg and flower. The series I believe I'm looking for was the one with sour diesel that you fought N issues with. There was so much useful stuff you shared in that grow.

It's your defoliation schedules I'm looking for, it's probably the only thing I haven't in part or mostly use in grows since finding you on YouTube. If I get to where I'm aiming I could use a consultant like you brother.

I usually defoliate 2-5 days before flipping to flower. Then I look at the plant on the following days and defoliate depending on growth - day 7, 14, 21, 45 of flower.



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  • hi is it normal for my runoff ppm to be around 1200 and my ppm going in is about 650...also my ph going in is around 6.0 and the runoff ph is around 4.6....I’m trying to avoid a lockout so I’m feeding half strength.... i flush after every 3rd feeding..
  • can one really tell if a plant is a Male or Female just by the number of fingers of each leaf ? i have noticed that in some plants that are Male they seem to have 9 to11 fingers to each main leaf and that the current Female plant i have going only reached 7 fingers maybe one leaf had 9 -- but seen mostly between 5 and 7 on my current budget grow at about 40 days and yes in flower as well - and lost track of the total days in flower so i hope that by Christmas or New Years i should have a good idea of what is what so MR Grow it what is you thought on this ? and anyone else have any thoughts if its possible to tell just by finger count on leaves ?


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