Cannabis plants recover from spider mites!

I hate spiders. Don't you? Spider mites in particular. They invade your garden and slowly take out your plants! But...

There is a way to recover!

Grateful Grower is a YouTuber who releases videos onto his YouTube channel a few times a week. He has battled spider mites before and has actually won! Let's talk about his plants first though...

He had 27 plants, 11 different strains growing with coco-coir in 7-gallon pots. It was week 8 of flower - day 50 to be even more specific. That means two-week flush time and he was giving his plants molasses for the last two weeks. His temperature and humidity were looking good at 73 degrees and 55% respectively.

He and his plants survived and he himself lived to talk about it in one of his videos...

Check out his video here:

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