The EASIEST way to germinate cannabis seeds!

So your seeds arrived to your house safely and you're really excited to start the process of growing cannabis.

But what's next?

Seed germination! You need to germinate your seeds before you place them in soil. Well, actually, you don't need to germinate your cannabis seeds. You could just place then directly in soil. However, if your soil isn't warm enough, moist enough, or your humidity isn't where it needs to be, then your seed won't sprout. Therefore, the germination process is highly recommended.

So what are the steps to germinate your marijuana seeds you ask? Let's start at step 1:

1.) Fill a cup about 1/4 of the way with water.

2.) Drop your seeds into the water

3.) Wait approximately 12-15 hours - NO MORE THAN 24 HOURS!

4.) Remove the seeds from the water and place into a wet paper towel

5.) Place the wet paper towel with your seeds inside an air-tight container.

6.) Wait approximately 24 hours

After that, your seeds should have popped open and you should see a white tap root. Now your seeds are ready to plant in soil!

Shout out to PissDrunx0420 on YouTube for these steps and the below video!

Check out the video on how to germinate cannabis seeds here:

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