Growing weed in a cabinet!

You can grow weed in just about any size space. The smallest I've ever seen was an 8" tall plant in flower being grown inside a PC tower with a few CFL grow lights. Imagine that?

Mr.C Growin4B is a grower who uploads videos of his grow to his YouTube channel on a weekly basis. He has what he calls a micro grow which is a cabinet he modified in order to grow weed. The cabinets consists of a LED light, HPS light, computer fan as an exhaust, cup as an intake, and clip fan to circulate air in the cabinet. He uses a 1/2 inch foam insulation and a tarp over the opening to ensure there isn't any light leaks.

In the video below you'll see both his vegetation cabinet and his flower cabinet. He has several strains growing such as: Gorilla Glue #4, Skywalker OG, Chem Kush, LSD, and Alien OG and he harvests plants every 2-3 weeks. His nutrients of choice? Oregon's Only Nectar For The Gods.

Check out his video here:

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