Cannabis plants on week 2 and germinating seeds!

The first few weeks growing cannabis can be pretty boring. Your plants sprouted but seem to be growing very slowly. That's because most of its energy is being used to develop a big root structure...

There are many Growers on YouTube who upload videos on their grow. One of them is PissDrunx0420. In his current grow, he has 5 plants - 3 are being grown and soil and 2 are being grown in coco coir. He transferred them from a 32"x32" grow tent to a 4'x2' grow tent and also changed lights from a Mars Hydro 48x3 to a Mars Hydro 144x5.

For the plants being on their second week, PissDrunx0420 says they look a little stretchy. He gives them some cold-pressed seaweed and shows off the mix on camera.

He will be using several nutrients for this grow - most General Organics. Here is his lineup:

In the video he also germinates cannabis seeds and explains the germination process. He germinates Dark Dragon seeds from Kingdom Organic Seeds.

Check out his video here:

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