Using new coco coir vs re-used coco coir

Yes, it is possible to re-use your growing medium for more than one grow. You can do this for both soil and coco coir. But if you re-use your growing medium, are you more prone to deficiencies?

PissDrunx0420 is putting it to the test. In his current grow, he is using new coco coir in some pots and in other pots he is reusing coco coir from his last grow. You may or may not be surprised by his current results...

First, a little background information on his plants... His plants are on day 26 in the vegetation stage. He is growing autoflowers of Thunder Haze strain by Genofarm seed bank and he also has Dark Dragon strain in Solo cups which are 7 days old from Kingdom Organic Seeds.

Check out his video here:

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