10 plants in a DWC system (deep water culture)

Deep water culture (aka DWC) is one of the more advanced ways to grow cannabis. Simply put, it consists of growing plants in aerated water. Equipment you need includes a container, lid, pump, and a net pot.

Liquid Jade, a grower who uploads weekly grow videos to YouTube, grows cannabis indoors with a DWC system. On one side of his grow room, he has a 4x4 grow tent with 1 plant in a DWC system. He actually had that plant in the DWC system as a seedling which most growers wouldn't risk doing. His plant there is doing fantastic so far. He just topped it and plans for it to be the mother plant that he can take clones from in the future.

On the other side of his grow room, he has a 4x8 grow tent with 10 plants in a DWC system. Those plants are also looking very good so far.

Check out his video here:

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