Soil vs Coco Coir - Soil Growth Is Faster!

There is a big debate on which growing medium will result in bigger, healthier plants. You'll often hear people say that they've heard but haven't tried both types of growing mediums. Now there finally is a side-by-side comparison to see which is better...

PissDrunx0420 is currently growing 3 plants in soil and 2 plants in coco coir. His plants are now in the flowering stage and he will start to feed them flowering nutrients. The results so far? The plants in soil are growing bigger...

What nutrients is he using you ask? Below is the complete list of nutrients that he is using for his grow (click the item for more details):

General Organics Go Box Starter Kit

Bio Thrive

Bio Root

Epsom Salt

Cyco line of nutrients

Cyco Uptake

Cyco Silica

Cyco Zyme

pH down

pH Meter

In the video he also talks about how to transplant cannabis plants.

Check out his video here:

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