Hot Grow Room vs Normal Grow Room - Higher and Lower PPM

It's no secret that cannabis thrives in an environment where the temperature is between 70-80 degrees. Most growers know that, an environment of 85 degrees is too high. But that isn't entirely true...

Liquid Jade is well-known on YouTube for the massive yields that he gets growing cannabis indoors. He currently has a 8 plants growing in a DWC system in a 4x8 grow tent. He is using a Spectrum King LED grow light and Skunk Labs nutrients.

In the video below, he talks about how he is targeting 85 degrees for his grow environment. He also talks about when using a DWC system in a hotter grow room, plants will suck up more water which will raise the PPM. In a normal-temperature grow room, plants will suck up more nutrients but not water which will lower the PPM. It is extremely important to monitor PPM throughout your entire grow. Your plants roots should be white and shouldn't have slime. Watch his video below.

Need a PPM Meter to check your PPM? Click here!

Check out his video here:

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