How To Lollipop Cannabis Plants!

Newer growers often ask, "How can I get a bigger yield?", and are unaware that a little bit of plant pruning can significantly increase bud development.

Neil from the Grow Pot Cheaply YouTube channel created a video dedicated to teaching a pruning method also know as lollipop - lollipopping. Here are the reasons why lollipopping cannabis plants is beneficial:

  • Bigger yield due to all plant's energy focused on upper-branch bud production

  • Easier to water plants

  • Increased air flow to low section of plants

  • Less humidity on lower section of plants

  • Results in less usage of dehumidifier

  • Lower electricity from not using dehumidifier

  • Less chances for pests

In the video below, he explains how to lollipop cannabis plants. He demonstrates how to cut the branches off, how to takes clones from bottom branches, and then flips the light cycle to 12-12 (flower stage). He also shows how to train cannabis plants for the SCROG method.

Need a Hand Pruner to lollipop your plants? Click here!

Click here for other equipment I recommend!

Check out his video here:

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