Mars Hydro LED grow - Cannabis plants in Vegetation and Flower

One of the most well-known LED light company's in the market today is Mars Hydro. Many growers are purchasing Mars Hydro LED grow lights and are getting some pretty good results...

PissDrunx0420, a grower who makes cannabis grow videos on YouTube, has 8 plants in the vegetation stage and another 5 plants in the flower stage.

His plants that are in the vegetation stage are on day 29 and are looking very healthy! He is growing Dark Dragon strain by Kingdom Organic Seeds and is using both a Mars Hydro 48x3 LED grow light and a UFO Mars Hydro 60x3 LED grow light. The growing medium he is using is a mix of Happy Frog soil, Coco Loco, and FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil. In the video below he shows that he just topped 6 of the plants and also shows the different phenotypes - indica vs hybrid comparison.

He also explains how to clean a grow tent. A dry towel, wet towel, and rubbing alcohol is all you need for that task.

Then he shows off his 4x4 grow tent where he is growing Thunder Haze strain which is an autoflower by Genofarm Seed Bank. In that grow tent he is using a Mars Hydro 144x5 LED grow light but will soon switch a new light by Mars Hydro called the Pro Series 160 LED.

What nutrients is he using you ask? Below is the complete list of nutrients that he is using for his grow (click the item for more details):

General Organics Go Box Starter Kit

BioThrive Bloom



Epsom Salt

Cyco line of nutrients Cyco Uptake Cyco Silica Cyco Zyme

Cyco B1 Boost

Check out his video here:

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