Good Shock vs Bad Shock - Marijuana Plants

When people hear, "shocking marijuana plants", they always think bad. Although, there is both good shocking and bad shocking. Today we take a look at Good shock vs Bad shock...

BROWNDIRTWARRIOR is an expert grower who uploads grow videos to his YouTube channel for the world to see and learn from. In the video below, he talks about Good shock vs Bad shock. If a cannabis plant is over-due for a transplant, this is considered bad shock. The plant should be transplanted and "Topped" to get lateral growth.

Pruning your cannabis plant is considered good shock. Pruning will increase airflow in the lower part of the plant, will reduce moisture, and will help prevent powdery mildew. You can also spray organic B-1 on your cannabis plants to protect them from transplant-related shock and nutrient deficiencies, while promoting vigorous root development.

Organic B-1->

Check out his video here:

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