Complete Indoor Grow Room Setup!

Growing weed indoors isn't an easy task. There are many things your need to have knowledge on including the type of equipment you need in your grow environment.

YouTube grower, Grateful Grower, recently released a video of his complete indoor grow room setup. He goes through and lists off every piece of equipment and even goes into explaining how the ventilation system works. His grow room has everything required from lights, ballasts, fans, dehumidifer, and a co2 tank all the way to cleaning supplies such as a sprayer, mop and broom.

Equipment mentioned in the video:

Helios 7->

Lumatek ballast->

Dominator XXXL 6" grow light reflector->

Hortilux 1000w HPS blub->

Vortex 8" inline fan->

Carbon filter 8"->


Temperature and humidity monitor->

Other equipment I recommend->

Check out his video here:

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