Growing Cannabis With Mars Hydro LED

There are many LED grow light companies around today and one of the most known is Mars Hydro. But do their grow lights live up to their hype?

PissDrunx0420, a grower who makes YouTube videos of his cannabis garden, just recently received a Mars Hydro Pro Series 160 LED grow light. With this new grow light you can actually control the spectrum that the plant grows in - i.e. red spectrum, blue spectrum. The blue spectrum promotes leaf growth while the red spectrum promotes inner-node growth.

He has a 2x4 tent with plants of Dark Dragon strain. Some plants are in coco coir and some are in Foxfarm soil. He also has a separate tent where he is growing Thunder Haze strain. Some of those plants are being grown in coco coir and they are much bigger than the plants he has growing in soil.

Products he is using consist of:

BioThrive Bloom->


Epsom Salt->

Cyco B1 Boost->

Cyco Uptake->

Cyco Silica->

Cyco Zyme->

Check out his video here:

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