Indoor Jungle of Cannabis Plants!

When you leave your plants in the vegetation stage for too long, your plants may grow so big that it becomes a jungle in your grow room. Can't imagine it? Keep reading...

Neil from Grow Pot Cheaply is growing several plants in a 4'x6' SCROG area. His plants have stretched so much that his grow room looks like a jungle. He has another 11 days or so until harvest and the trichomes on the plants are mostly cloudy.

Strains he is growing:

  • Incredible Bulk

  • Critical Kush

  • Blue Dream

  • Lemon Sour Berry

  • White Widow

Neil estimates he'll get 1 pound of dry weed from this crop. He used a 1000watt Gavita grow light but unfortunately he battled some powdery mildew this round. His video below goes over all of this plus more. See the jungle for yourself!

1000w Gavita grow light->


Check out his video here:

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