Growing Weed in Coco Coir vs Soil

Cannabis can be grown in several different growing mediums. Two of the most-know growing mediums are soil and coco coir. People often ask - "Is one better than the other?"

PissDrunx0420, a grower who uploads videos of his grow to his YouTube channel, is currently growing cannabis in both soil and coco coir. He wants to see the difference between the two and particularly see if one grows cannabis faster or bigger than the other.

In his 2'x4' grow tent, he is growing Dark Dragon strain and those plants are on day 42. The plants are being grown under a Mars Hydro Pro Series 160 LED grow light and all plants are healthy. Nutrients he is using consist of:

Other products talked about in the video:

Coco Loco->

Temperature and humidity monitor->

Mars Hydro 144x5 LED grow light->

In the video below you'll see his Dark Dragon plants and you'll also see his Thunder Haze autoflower plants. Which growing medium do you use for growing cannabis? Comment below!

Check out his video here:

Click here for other equipment that I recommend

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