Top Marijuana Tips! - Cleaning Tips For Grow Rooms

One of the keys to preventing pests from invading your grow room is keeping it clean. You should always clean your grow room between grows as well as while your grow is in process.

BROWNDIRTWARRIOR is an expert grower who gives advice on this subject. He says that a clean grow room equals a bug-free grow room. Also, you should keep floors dry to avoid electrical problems. You should also clean your tools such as measuring equipment, probes, and grow pots.

In the video below he talks about clean grow rooms and also reveals some top marijuana tips. He talks about how the absorption of nutrients happens in a pH range of 5.5 to 7.0. Use pH Up or pH down to get your nutrient mix at the right level prior to feeding. Be sure to calibrate meters and give them time to adjust. Several other tips can be seen in the video below...

Check out his video here:

Products shown/mentioned in this video: pH Up- pH meter- PPM meter- Bamboo stakes- HID grow light- Fabric grow pots-

Click here for other equipment that I recommend

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