Indoor Grow of Skywalker OG Strain

Different marijuana strains have different plant characteristics so it's certainty important to know what strain you are growing. Today we'll take an inside look at growing Skywalker OG strain.

Mr.C Growin4B, a grower on YouTube, is currently growing Skywalker OG strain in his small indoor grow area. He is using the Spectrum King LED 100w Closet Case grow light and is performing LST (low-stress training) on his cannabis plants. His goal is even canopy so he will tie down branches to the side of his grow pots in order to achieve an even canopy. He will be flipping his plants into flower in about a week so that is when the excitement really starts. In the video below he shows off his garden and talks about his plants.

Check out his video here:

Products shown/mentioned in this video: Spectrum King LED 100w Closet Case- Hyperion 1- Plastic grow pots-

Click here for other equipment that I recommend

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