1 Plant in SCROG vs 4 Plants in SCROG

The SCROG method is one of the best methods to achieve a higher yield from your plants. Having an even canopy in your grow room will help ensure consistent bud development. But how many plants should you place in a SCROG?

Liquid Jade, a grower on YouTube, is currently growing 8 cannabis plants in a 4x8 grow tent. He is growing Bubblicious strain and Aurora Indica strain - all plants are on day 1 of flower. His 8 cannabis plants were in the vegetation stage for the past 6 weeks which allowed the plants to grow up and spread out into the SCROG net. He placed his Spectrum King 400+ LED grow light 18" from top of canopy in order to obtain the best amount of light without the plants experiencing too bright of light.

In the video below, Liquid Jade shows off his plants and also talks about 4 plants in a SCROG vs 1 plant in a SCROG.

Check out his video here:

Products shown/mentioned in this video: Spectrum King LED light-> SCROG net-> Skunk Labs nutrients-> Dehumidifier-> 4x8 grow tent-> PPM meter->

Click here for other equipment that I recommend

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