How To Transplant From Soil To Coco Coir

Transplanting cannabis plants is very common for those growers who choose to grow photoperiod plants while the seeds of autoflower cannabis plants are typically planted directly into their final container to prevent transplant shock. But can your marijuana plant be transplanted from soil to coco coir?

Neil from Grow Pot Cheaply does transplant cannabis plants from soil to coco coir. Changing growing mediums mid-grow is risky, but possible. Here are the steps that Neil takes to transplant from soil to coco coir:

  • First he lets the plant's soil dry out

  • Next, he loosens up the soil in the grow pot by pushing the sides of the grow pot

  • He then flips the grow pot upside down and slides the plant out

  • After that he gently shakes the plant by the roots in order to loosen up the soil

  • He then fills the new grow pot/bag with coco coir and then places the plant in the new grow pot/bag

  • The last step is to fill the remainder of the grow pot/bag with coco coir

In the video below, Neil does the full process of transplanting a cannabis plant from soil to coco coir.

Check out his video here:

Products shown/mentioned in this video: Soil- Coco Coir- Plastic grow pots- Flora Nova Bloom-

Click here for other equipment that I recommend

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