How To Build A Closed System Grow Room!

Setting up your indoor grow room to grow cannabis plants can be a daunting task. There are several pieces of equipment that you'll need to have and your environment needs to be in a specific temperature and humidity range for growing cannabis. This is where a "closed system" grow room makes the job a little bit easier.

Neil from Grow Pot Cheaply built a closed system grow room and currently has several cannabis plants growing in it. He has everything needed in his grow room such as: grow lights, oscillating fans, air conditioner, CO2 system, CO2 monitor, and timers. That's just a few pieces of equipment needed for a closed system grow room. There are many more...

In the video below, Neil shows off his closed system grow room and talks about all the pieces of equipment that he has in it. His grow room is ideal for growing the plant we all have grown to love - cannabis!

Check out his video here:

Products shown/mentioned in this video: Apollo grow light- 1000w Gavita grow light- SCROG net- Air conditioner- Oscillating fan- Drying rack- Plastic grow pots- CO2 monitor- Temperature and humidity monitor- Dehumidifier- Timer- Flood table- Coco Coir- Flora Nova Bloom- Cal mag- Shop-Vac- Panda plastic- Heater- Temperature gun-

Click here for other equipment that I recommend

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