How To Store Your Weed Long Term!

Has your weed ever become so dry that it was harsh to smoke? Was the high you experienced after smoking not as expected? In this article we will talk about how to store your cannabis long term while protecting your weed from degrading.

Whether your cannabis stays fresh and potent depends on your ability to protect the trichomes on it. Trichomes are tiny little white and brown glands all over the bud that hold the THC. You can see them with a 20x magnifying lens; they kind of look like little mushrooms. To protect trichomes, you must know their four major enemies: high temperature, light exposure, air exposure and rough handling.

For most people, a basic layer of protection are plastic bags. A plastic bag is better than nothing but it's not airtight at all and it's easy to manhandle your weed. You should only put your weed in a bag for a day or two - not longer. The next best container to hold your weed is a typical glass jar. A glass jar will definitely keep weed from degrading for much longer than a plastic bag would and the glass is totally non-permeable - unlike the plastic bag. However, a glass jar could still let in some air and obviously light. You should keep the jar somewhere dark.

The next best level of protection is a mason jar with a good quality seal. You can find clay or glass mason jars which are usually better built. Once you have a mason jar (or a regular jar), it's then time to put it somewhere cool. How cool should it be? The answer is, the cooler, the better! Just don't freeze it. If you freeze weed, the trichomes get hard, brittle and then they break off easily. Instead, put your weed in your fridge. If you can't use your fridge, just pick a cool spot in the house. Storing below room temperature helps. For example, a basement crawl space or something like that. If you store weed this way it can last for years instead of weeks which can make life way more convenient.

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