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just a person who loves the grow and learn at same time, should have stayed with it years ago.

just out to have fun - and make things from scratch for the grows

as a friend put it its so low tech its really high tech

yes i do like to play Dr. Frankenstein when i do my grows - trying different things the entire time to see what happens

this turned out to be about 193 total dry gram weight

taken about 12 days ago

i named this one Popcorn Betty lol lol

no idea any help ?

also taken a few weeks back

the garden party just let em go

as of 1 week ago

this is the top of one plant on the right of pic above

home made chamber

yes i even do use a stand up shower as part of the grow for added room

and here it is

my next adventure is a total blacklight grow with correct nutrients by Fox Farm and the corresponding light cycles


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